Title: No Turning Back
By: angstytimelord
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Michael Cutter/Jack McCoy
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own Michael Cutter or Jack McCoy, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Mike let Jack lead him down the hallway to the bedroom, his heart thumping in anticipation. This was going to change everything about how the two of them looked at each other; everything in his life would change from this moment on.

All right, not everything. He would still be ADA; his job would still be the same. But he would never be able to see his boss in the same way again. Jack would be more than his boss. Jack would be his lover. His master.

The mere thought sent another shiver down his spine. This was the first time he'd ever done something like this; he'd played around with the idea of BDSM before, but he'd never actually engaged in any kind of relationship that was based around the lifestyle. He was sure that Jack had, or he wouldn't have made this kind of a proposition.

Who better to learn about this lifestyle from than someone who knew what they were doing? He wasn't going to let himself back out, or get scared. Besides, he'd committed himself. He was in this for the long run, and there was no turning back.

He didn't want to turn back. This was what he'd wanted, even before Jack had brought it up. He was going to see it through, to the limits and beyond.

When Jack ushered him into the bedroom, he looked around, a little surprised that it was so opulent. Everything in the room spoke of comfort; it looked as though Jack had taken painstaking care to set it up. It was a room that anyone could sink into and enjoy.

He had to admit that he was surprised at the complete absence of anything that looked bondage-oriented. He'd expected to see handcuffs, at the very least. But there was nothing of the sort; only the comforts of a normal bedroom.

The large bed was covered in dark maroon, matching the curtains at the windows. His bare feet sank into the plush carpet; the paneling on the walls gave the room a dark feel, but rather than being depressing, it felt cozy, warm, inviting. Mike hesitated, not quite knowing what was expected of him; should he wait for an order from Jack?

The other man solved the problem by letting his hand slip down over the curve of Mike's ass, stroking along his bare skin. "On the bed, Mike," he directed, nodding in the direction of the bed. "On your knees, legs spread. Hands behind your back."

Mike moved to do as he'd been instructed, trying to keep himself from trembling. This was it, then; it was all starting, here and now. He'd closed the door behind him; whatever was going to happen from here on out was irrevocable. It couldn't be stopped.

He knelt on the bed, facing the wall, wondering what Jack was going to do next. The anticipation was forming in his stomach, a knot that was slowly unraveling.

A gasp nearly left his throat when he felt Jack's hands on his skin; the older man was touching him again, slowly, letting his hands move over Mike's body as though he was getting accustomed to how his slave's skin felt.

Mike didn't question what Jack was doing; he merely closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of those hands on his body. He'd dreamed of this, wondering what those hands would feel like, how Jack would touch him and if he'd like what he saw.

Well, now those dreams were coming true.

He almost wanted to protest when Jack moved away, but he managed to keep himself quiet. However, he couldn't hold back a sound of surprise when a tube was placed in his hand; but after a moment, it didn't take much thought to realize what it was.

Jack had given him lube. Why would he do that? Was he supposed to turn around and lubricate Jack before the two of them had sex? Was he expected to minister to his master's needs in that kind of way? He'd never been involved in something like this before, so he wasn't entirely sure what Jack had in mind with this gesture.

"Lube yourself, Mike," Jack murmured, his voice sounding very soft in Michael's ear. "I want to see how you touch yourself. I want to see what turns you on. But don't go too far. If you make yourself come, I'll punish you. Only I get to do that."

Mike nodded, swallowing hard. Was he supposed to turn around and face Jack, or should he stay where he was? Jack hadn't told him to move, so he could only assume that the other man wanted to watch him from the rear. The thought was a little embarrassing.

But he had no choice other than to obey what his master told him to do. If he didn't, then Jack wouldn't be pleased -- and he might even end this before it had begun.

He squeezed a generous amount of the lube onto trembling fingers, dropping the tube and using one hand to balance himself on the bed. Reaching between his spread legs, he stroked his fingers over his entrance, closing his eyes and trying to forget that he was being watched.

After the first moments, it was easier than he'd thought it would be. He was used to lubing himself -- he'd used enough sex toys on himself to have done it before -- but the anticipation of knowing that this wasn't going to be a solo activity made it all the more exciting.

Mike gasped as he inserted one finger, pressing forward until he could stroke across his prostate. A second finger quickly followed, and he began to stretch himself slightly, the thought flashing across his mind that he hoped Jack liked what he was witnessing.

It wasn't going to be easy not to make himself come, but he had to hold back -- Jack had told him to. His breath was coming faster, his heart pounding; if he kept this up, he'd be closer to the edge than Jack probably wanted him to be.

But he couldn't stop himself from probing deeper; now that he'd started, the temptation to keep going and pleasure himself until he came was almost too great to resist. He slid both fingers deeper, a soft moan leaving his lips as his hips bucked forward.

"That's enough, Mike." Jack's voice was husky, hoarse. "I don't want you coming too soon. That's for me to do, not your fingers."

Jack's voice broke through the haze of sensation that was slowly taking him over, bringing him back down to reality. He coudln't let himself come; Jack was going to do that. This was only the prelude to a much greater pleasure than he could ever possibly give himself. His fantasies would finally be coming true; Jack would be making love to him.

Or would it be less like making love, and more impersonal? The thought wasn't a pleasant one; he slowly withdrew his fingers from his body, closing his eyes and trying to make himself relax. Whatever happened next was up to Jack.

If he was honest with himself, he wanted this to be more than sex. He didn't want to just be a toy to Jack, something for him to play with when the fancy took him; he wanted the other man to see him as someone he could care for.

"Hands behind your back, Mike," Jack said softly, moving to stand just behind him. He could feel the warmth of the other man's body, the anticipation of what might be about to happen surging through him again. "Shoulders down on the bed. Eyes closed."

He did as he was told, his heart starting to thump almost painfully. He'd never felt so opened, so exposed. He wasn't sure if he liked it, or if it made him feel uncomfortably vulnerable. Either way, he'd have to get used to the feeling.

Michael's muscles tightened as he heard the rustle of fabric; was Jack getting out of his clothes? Was he finally going to get what he'd wanted since their first meeting?

Whatever was going to happen, he was ready. He'd walked into this with his eyes open, and so far, it had been stimulating, if a little strange. It was far too late for him to turn back now, and whatever the future held, it was coming at him too quickly for him to stop it.


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