Title: Primitive
By: angstytimelord
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Michael Cutter/Jack McCoy
Author's Note: Continuation of No Turning Back.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own Michael Cutter or Jack McCoy, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Mike was holding his breath in anticipation, wondering what was going to come next. He could hear the rustle of fabric as Jack shed his clothes; at least, that was what he thought the other man was doing. He couldn't be sure.

He'd never been in this kind of position before, kneeling with his hands behind his back, his face pressed against the covers of the bed, his eyes closed. His nerves were taut, his body as tightly strung as a stretched wire waiting to snap.

His eyes flew open when he felt Jack slide a length of cloth around his wrists; he gasped aloud, forcing himself not to jerk upright. That would be disobeying his master, since Jack had told him to stay in this position -- and the last thing he wanted to do was be disobedient, though normally obedience wasn't a part of his personality.

The cloth was tightened around his wrists, binding his hands firmly behind his back. Mike didn't test the knots; he was sure that Jack knew enough about what he was doing to make sure that his slave wouldn't be able to free himself.

One hand was resting on his hip, the other moving between his thighs to fondle his balls. Mike drew in a sharp breath; the muscles in his thighs tensed, waiting for the inevitable touch.

His eyes closed almost involuntarily as Jack rolled his balls between those long, cool fingers; had any other touch ever felt like this? He didn't think so; Jack literally seemed to have exquisite sensations at his fingertips.

Within a few seconds, he was holding back a soft moan as a single fingertip trailed down the cleft of his ass, waiting breathlessly for whatever the other man might do to him. His lungs felt constricted, the anticipation making it impossible to breathe or even to think. Every sense was poised on the edge, waiting for what might be coming at any second.

"You can make noise if you want to," Jack murmured, one hand still working between Mike's legs as those cool fingers circled his entrance. "If I didn't want to hear you moan, I'd have gagged you. I like knowing you're turned on."

Mike couldn't have held back his moan if he'd tried when two fingers slid inside him, replacing his own that had been there only a few moments ago. His hips jerked forward, unable to keep from reacting to the unexpected penetration.

He didn't know if he was allowed to move, but he couldn't help himself; his hips pushed back against the invasion, wanting and needing more.

The bed dipped as Jack moved behind him; Mike could feel the other man's erection against his ass, the heat of Jack's body against his own. His heart thumped painfully against his chest, his breath catching in his throat.

Was this what he'd expected? Yes and no; he'd hoped that it would be more personal, that emotions might be bared between the two of them. But this was only their first time together; maybe there would be more to come in the future.

Why should there be? he asked himself sternly. Jack wasn't his boyfriend; this man was his master. They'd made a bargain, and he wasn't going to be expected to step past whatever boundaries Jack might set. There had been no sign of a relationship between them -- this was just sex. It wouldn't extend beyond this bedroom.

But that didn't mean that he couldn't push against those boundaries. However, this wasn't the time to do it; he'd have to wait until they were more established in their relationship, until he was more at ease with the situation.

This was all too new to him at the moment; he was still feeling his way along, learning what his role was in this intricate dance that was taking place. It would take him a while to be comfortable, to learn just what might be expected of him.

Michael gasped as Jack's fingers slipped out of him, only to be replaced a moment later by his cock; the smooth thrust took his breath away, leaving him feeling weak and dazed for a few seconds.

He was pulled back against Jack's chest, one arm wrapping firmly around his waist, the other man's warm breath against his shoulder. Jack's hand had moved between his legs, fingers encircling his cock, stroking Mike in rhythm with his thrusts.

Whatever he'd expected, it hadn't been this. He hadn't thought that Jack would be so forceful; he'd expected something slower, more along the lines of an exploration rather than this sudden plunge. It was confusing and exhilarating at the same time.

His body was responding before his mind was; his hips pressed back into Jack's thrusts, his moans of pleasure filling the still air of the room. Jack was breathing heavily into his ear; those breaths filled his consciousness, blocking out everything else.

This was what he'd wanted from the first time he'd met Jack McCoy and shaken his hand. He'd looked into those dark eyes and sworn that he saw a spark there, an interest that had quickly been hidden and buried behind the veneer of the civilized man. But Mike had seen something flash there, something primitive and needy.

He'd been what Jack needed -- and wanted. All the time that they'd been working together, they'd been dancing around each other, waiting for this moment to come.

And now it was here, and it was everything he'd thought it would be -- and more. Jack wasn't just his boss now; they'd knocked down that barrier and progressed so far past it that Mike knew they could never go back to being mere colleagues.

He had always known that Jack had this side to him -- something untamed and primitive, waiting to be unleashed. He'd wanted to be the person to bring that side out, but he'd barely allowed himself to hope that it could happen.

That primitive side flared between them at times; the way that Jack looked at him when they were arguing, or when he'd won a particularly tough case. It was as though the assertive animal that crouched within the other man was begging to be set free, waiting to pounce on Mike and overpower him, take him over in every way.

That caged beast was out now, in every way; he hadn't flexed his claws yet, but Mike couldn't help believing that he would at some point. Those claws could be deadly; he had to learn how to dance around them while still being able to satisfy them both.

It was a tall order, but one that Mike was sure he could manage to deal with. If he hadn't been sure of himself, then he wouldn't be here.

He could feel himself careening towards a precipice sooner than he wanted to; Jack's panting breaths told him that the other man was just as close to completion as he himself was. Only a few moments now, and they'd be falling from the edge together.

"Come for me, Mike." It was an order, not a request. Mike knew that he couldn't deny that voice, any more than his body could have held back. The words pushed him over the edge, his soft cry blending with Jack's guttural moan.

He would have slumped forward, if not for Jack's arms around his waist, pulling him back against the other man even as Jack's hips flexed against him. Mike was panting for breath, unable to make any sound other than a soft groan at the feel of Jack still pushing into him.

Mike couldn't keep himself from tugging slightly at the cloth that bound his wrists; it felt strange to have his hands bound, to not be able to touch the person he was with. But that was what Jack had wanted, and he'd known better than to challenge the other man's wishes at this early stage of their relationship.

After a few moments, he felt Jack slip out of him, then the other man's hand were working at the knots that held his hands bound. Within a few seconds, he was free, but he didn't immediately start to chafe the feeling back into his wrists.

Instead, Jack was taking his hands, moving to lie down on the bed and pulling Mike down beside him. He was surprised to find himself drawn into the other man's arms; he'd expected Jack to send him away, to tell him that he was free to get dressed and go home.

Where was their relationship going from here? Mike couldn't help but wonder, as the older man silently kneaded the feeling back into his numb arms.

He didn't want to ask; somehow, it seemed a violation of the tenuous relationship forming between them to rush things along. But he needed to know; he needed to feel that they had some sort of future, that this was building to something that wasn't just sex. He couldn't go from day to day not knowing if he was only a plaything to Jack.

Mike opened his mouth to speak, turning his head to look at Jack and wondering how to put his question into words. He wasn't sure what he was going to say; this was like going into a case and being completely unprepared for any eventualities.

To his surprise, Jack was gazing at him, a speculative expression on his face. It was obvious that he had something to say, and as their eyes met, Mike felt a shiver of anticipation run down his spine as he waited for those words to be spoken.


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