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The Way Of Love by Aiden
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Horatio/Speed
WARNINGS: dark thoughts, angst, disability (amputation)
NOTE: This is an AU Mac is with CSI Danny is an Army Ranger serving in Iraq. He gets severely wounded after an explosion, resulting in loosing both his legs.
SUMMARY: He wanted to die.

New Beginning by Aiden
SERIES: 1) The Way Of Love
WARNINGS: Disability, AU, Lindsay bashing, ongoing series.
SUMMARY: Danny has to make a major decision.

Heartbound by Aiden
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Mac/Danny/Don
WARNINGS: Disability (paralysis), abuse implied, ongoing series.
SUMMARY: Mac couldn't get him out of his mind.

Mistaken Love by Aiden
PAIRING: Ryan/Speed & Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: They couldn't break the case.

Walls of Ice by alucardskitten
SUMMARY: 'Washes the ground with so many tears.' Based on the song Scarborough Fair-Canticle by Simon and Garfunkel. Slash. Angst.

Ficcie by alucardskitten
PAIRING: one-sided Mac/Danny

Little sad ficcie dedicated to Jilly by alucardskitten
WARNING: character death

Completely Miserable by alucardskitten
SUMMARY: He heard a song on the radio today... and he realized that was how he felt.

Untitled by alucardskitten

Fallen by alucardskitten
SUMMARY: Danny notices that Mac has fallen...

Memor Advena by alucardskitten
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Danny/OFC

Bj Jones
How to Deal with Unruly Subordinates Who Happen to Be Your Lover by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Gil/Nick, Danny/Mac, Hortaio/Speed
SUMMARY: Four supervisors get together and discuss their lovers.

How to Handle Stubborn Supervisors Who Happen to Be Your Lover by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Gil/Nick, Danny/Mac, Hortaio/Speed
NOTE: sequal to How to Deal with Unruly Subordinates Who Happen to Be Your Lover
SUMMARY: Four CSI's get together and talk about their lovers over protectiveness.

Taking Control by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Danny/Mac & Speed/Horatio
SUMMARY: Speed and Horatio take a vacation up to New York.

Losing Control by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Danny/Mac & Speed/Horatio
NOTE: sequal to Taking Control
SUMMARY: Mac and Danny take a vacation down to Miami.

Give Me One Good Reason by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Mac finds Danny's badge and gun on his desk.

A Moment In Time by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Speed/Hortaio & Danny/Mac
SUMMARY: Mac gets a phone call.

Bob J Montonelli
Flirtatious by Bob J Montonelli
SUMMARY: Danny flirted. Mac could drown in it, if he wanted.

Three Days, Drowning by Bob J Montonelli
SUMMARY: Mac with his shirt unbuttoned, halfway out of it if Danny's an optimist.

Entanglement by Callista_Mythol
SUMMARY: Danny makes a stand which leads to a misunderstanding.

We, and Only We by Callista_Mythol
SUMMARY: A private moment between two lovers.

Redemption by Callista_Mythol
SUMMARY: This is a spin-off from my Angel series that I've been doing in my NCIS Fanfiction. I plan to add more to the Gibbs and Tony's story but I've also really taken to the idea of spreading it throughout my other favourite TV Series. You don't have to read either 'Kendreague' or 'Never Alone: Sans Peur' to understand. So, here is the CSI: NY edition! And for those who want the whole low down on the 'Angels' before they read scroll down to the end of the story first, it'll be in italics!

It's Just Another New Year's Fic by CPWatcher
PAIRING: CSI: Las Veags - Gil/Warrick & Gil/Sara, CSI: Miami - Tim/Horatio & Horatio/Ylena, CSI: New York - Danny/Mac & Mac/Peyton
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNINGS: Every couple of years I write a New Years' fic which I try to make as fandom non-specific as I can. Sort of an `insert your favorite pairing/character name here' piece. I've tried it again this year only with a longer piece with the fandom and pairings listed in the notes in the fic. Personally I think it works well in many of them, but might be a bit of a stretch in one or two, you be the judge. Hopefully, you'll suspend your imagination enough to enjoy the tale.
SUMMARY: The year in a life.

Love You into the New Year, A Multi-fandom (kinda) story by CPWatcher
PAIRING: CSI-Gil Grissom/Warrick Brown; CSI:NY-Mac Taylor/Danny Messer; CSI:MI-Horatio Caine/Tim 'Speed' Speedle; NCIS-Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo; Numb3rs-Don Eppes/Charlie Eppes
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNINGS: I wanted to write a little something in all my fandoms but RL would only allow me to write one story. So I present for your perusal this mutli-fandom piece of PWP. Insert the appropriate pairing from above. Hell, put in your own pairing. Kick back and enjoy. Incest, if you read using the Numb3rs pairing.
SUMMARY: A multi fandom holiday fic.

Family Matters by crazywriter10
SUMMARY: Danny finds out that he has a niece that's going to come live with him and Mac.

When It Rains by crazywriter10
SUMMARY: Snow Day only set in the same universe as Family Matters. (Might be helpful to read that first, but this does stand alone.)

Where's All the Trust Gone To? by Croag
SUMMARY: Written for a Secret Santa Prompt: Dogtags & Tattoos!Mac's sitting in a dark corner brooding over his latest Danny problem while Danny's a bit too busy freaking out to notice. Lucky for them, there's always Stella.

It was one of those days by Croag
SUMMARY: Fluffyhumor shown from a mysterious POV, starting with those famous words, it had all started so normal...

Healing Touch by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: Written for a prompt over at rounds of kink. Mac takes care of Danny after he gets hurt on a case.

Alternative Menu by Firefox
SUMMARY: Mac Taylor is at a loose end in the middle of the desert and looking for a good meal, but finds so much more.

Jaxson K.
Second Chances by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Don/Adam & Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: Don regains something he thought he had lost forever.

I'd Rather Be Gone by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Don/Mac & Mac/Danny
WARNINGS: character death, mentions of suicide...
SUMMARY: Sometimes people find it easier to leave...

Nothing Between Us by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Don/Jackson(OMC) & Danny/Mac & Don/Mac
SUMMARY: Sometimes things aren't what they seem...

Gut Feeling by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Don/Jackson(OMC) & Mac/Danny
WARNINGS: past domestic abuse, non-con, physical trauma, etc.
SUMMARY: Jackson comes face to face with someone he hoped never to lay eyes on again...

He's The One Loving You Now by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Danny/Jackson(OMC) (past)
SUMMARY: Jackson loses Danny, and they talk once more before Jackson leaves town.

Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Don/Jackson(OMC)
WARNINGS: death of OC, angst, etc...
SUMMARY: Sometimes it's too late to say 'I'm sorry'...

That's What You Get by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Don/Jackson(OMC) & Danny/Mac
SUMMARY: ".....God help you if I find out you lied!"-Jackson

Guess What! by Jaxson K.
PAIRING: Don/Jackson (OMC) & Danny/Mac
WARNING: mpreg,C-sections, some angst.....
SUMMARY: Jackson and Danny have surprises for Don and Mac.

Chasm by jenabartley
SUMMARY: There is a rift between them now.

Consequences by karaokegal
SUMMARY: Drabble. Written for mmom, Day 28.

Broken Dreams by karaokegal
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Danny/Lindsay
SUMMARY: What is Danny looking for?

An Isle of Joy by karaokegal
SUMMARY: Danny can’t go on like this. Now he just has to convince Mac. More or less PWP.

Moonlight Dance by kelly-girl
SUMMARY: Danny's slippery and Mac's tempted.

To DD or Not to DD by Kimmychu
PAIRING: Danny/Flack & Danny/Mac
SUMMARY: After a freak laboratory accident at CSI headquarters, Danny is cursed (or blessed, depending on how you see things) with very unusual... add-ons. Inspired by a forum comment: "Danny is the show's DD breasts."

Kuroi Neko-kun
Half Past Drunk by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Danny needs a ride home and Stella calls Mac.

Settling by Kuroi Neko-kun
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: A gunshot wound can change your life. And with one month of thoughts in his head, Danny brings the subject up of really settling with Mac, physically and emotionally.

Sapphire by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Drabble. "Just looking for sapphire."

Do You Hear Me? by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: His inner voice wants to speak out his feelings but his mind holds him back.

Sensitivity by Kuroi Neko-kun
SERIES: 1) Do You Hear Me?
SUMMARY: Danny finds this relationship different from the rest, making him super sensitive to everything around him, especially those around Mac.

Almost by Kuroi Neko-kun
SERIES: 1) Do You Hear Me?, 2) Sensitivity
SUMMARY: When you've already lost someone you love, how would you deal with a similar situation where you almost lose someone else?

He Watched by Kuroi Neko-kun
PAIRING: one-sided Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: Nobody knows about it but he watches over Mac.

DO NOT CROSS by Ldinka
PAIRING: Danny/Don & implied Danny/Mac
WARNING: AU, slash, angst, death of the main character.

Lil Jei
I'm Looking for Something by Lil Jei
PAIRING: Tony/Gibbs & Nick/Gil & Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: What can tempt or destroy a man?

How Would I Ever Know? by Lil Jei
PAIRING: Mac/Claire then Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: Ummm that’s easy it’s all angsty character death and the reflections from said deaths.

Quite a Lot in Love by Mondeo
SUMMARY: Danny decides to tell Mac how he feels about him. Postep for "What You See Is What You See".

Monkey Dom
Time after Time by Monkey Dom
PAIRING: hinted Danny/Mac
SUMMARY: It's his job to protect Danny, time after time.

Seven Days by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Lindsay's little mission: Mac and Danny.

R Kelly by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Danny learns something new everyday.

Crawl through the Darkness by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Today, the Water was Good.

Meetings by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: There's a reason CSIs aren't invited to meetings anymore.

Trust by nancy
SUMMARY: After Tanglewood, Danny wants to show Mac just how much he's trusted.

Can't Stop by nancy
SUMMARY: Neither Danny nor Mac can stop.

Lucky by nancy
SUMMARY: Mac finally realizes that you can get lucky more than once in a lifetime.

Personal Safety by nancy
WARNINGS: discipline, angst.
SUMMARY: When Danny doesn't think before he acts, Mac comes up with an unusual punishment.

Comfort and Joy by nancy
WARNINGS: Daddy/boy
SUMMARY: Mac just can't take care of Danny this time.

Pride & Joy - Comfort by nancy
WARNINGS: daddy!kink, language, angst
SUMMARY: After Louie's beating, Mac takes care of Danny and they start down the road to more than just a relationship.

Pride & Joy - Relief by nancy
WARNINGS: daddy!kink
SUMMARY: Mac's keeping an eye on Danny.

Pride & Joy by nancy
WARNINGS: daddy!kink, angst
SUMMARY: A visit to Louie in the hospital ends with Danny getting something he never thought he deserved.

Untitled CSI:NY Fic by nancy
WARNINGS: daddy!kink
SERIES: 1) Comfort and Joy, 2) Pride & Joy - Comfort, 3) Pride & Joy - Relief

Reunion by nancy
WARNINGS: minor D/s
SUMMARY: Danny gets invited to his 20th High School reunion, but Mac doesn't want to go.

Puppy Dog Tails by nancy
SUMMARY: Danny learns his lesson about being competative with a girl.

Punishment by nancy
WARNINGS: light bondage, mild D/s
SUMMARY: Mac punishes Danny for getting too sassy.

Socks & Cuffs by nancy

The Workout by nancy
SUMMARY: Mac surprises Danny during a workout.

A Whole New Ballgame by nancy
SUMMARY: In a different life, Danny never injured his shoulder and got out of NYC altogether. He finally does meet a murder suspect.

Watching by nancy
WARNINGS: threesome, discipline
SUMMARY: Mac likes to watch.

Bitch by nancy
WARNINGS: extreme D/s, non-con, humiliation, urine, rough sex, multi-partners
SUMMARY: Mac takes Danny as his bitch.

Scroll 1 by nancy
WARNINGS: slave!fic, violence, D/s, blood-play, non-con, rough m/m sex, mentions of castration with the potential for actual castration down the line
NOTE: part of the Romanology series, where the Roman Empire never fell
SUMMARY: When a young man is murdered, Mac and Stella come face to face with the next generation of the Mob...and the slave owned by the head of the Tanglewood boys, Danny.

Bitch, Cont. by nancy
WARNINGS: extreme D/s, urination, humiliation, angst
SUMMARY: Just one more humiliation for Danny to take.

Newbie by nancy
PAIRING: multi - slash & het, but CSI wise Mac/Danny
WARNINGS: massive cross-over, limited CSI
SUMMARY: The Danny Support Group has a possible new member.

Lifetimes by nancy
WARNINGS: bloodplay, role reversal, kink, language
SUMMARY: Mac discovers something about Danny.

Altered by nancy
SUMMARY: Danny gets caught in an explosion, with a disturbing outcome.

Wolfpack by nancy
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Don/Adam & Danny/Lindsay
WARNINGS: angst, language, violence
SUMMARY: Mac decides that it's time for Danny to move on with his life.

Perpetual Motion
Untangling by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: After the events of "Tanglewood", Danny and Mac hash out the facts.

Princess Tepes
The Devil You Know by Princess Tepes
PAIRING: Danny Messer/Mac Taylor (later), Sonny Sassone/Danny Messer (non-con)
WARNINGS: non-con, Stella bashing
SUMMARY: Spoilers for 'Tanglewood'. To show Detective Mac Taylor that they mean business... the Tanglewood boys kidnap Danny Messer.

Memor Advena (Thoughtful Stranger) by Princess Tepes
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Danny/OFC in the beginning
SUMMARY: Basically... a sort of fluffy romance story with lots of angst. Danny-centric.

Flag by Rini1031
SUMMARY: Love and lies, hope and pain, Danny and Mac. Slash and fluff.

Fluffy Interlude by Rini1031
SUMMARY: Mac and Danny talk about their relationship. Slight spoilers for Hush, Tanglewood, and A man a mile. Pure fluff, short and sweet.

Unfinished Business by Rini1031
SUMMARY: Post 'On The Job'. Danny, upset and hurt, retreats home. Mac follows him and the two of them realize their mutual attraction.

Beautiful Lovers by Sam
PAIRING: Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: Danny Messer is very happy with his older lover.

Washing Up by sexycazzy
WARNINGS: Heavy BDSM references and a explicit sex scene
SUMMARY: Danny does the washing up, Mac comes home.

The Phone Call by sexycazzy
WARNINGS: BDSM, spankings
SUMMARY: I have another one-shot story, similar to this story (Washing Up) but The Phone Call can be read as a stand-alone.

The Wake-Up by sexycazzy
WARNINGS: some light BDSM references
SUMMARY: Can be read stand-alone, but have two other one-shots – Washing Up and The Phone Call.

Memories by sexycazzy
WARNINGS: some light BDSM references
SUMMARY: Can be read stand-alone, but have three other one-shots – Washing Up, The Phone Call and The Wake-Up. This will be written from Danny's POV first, then Mac's POV. See how they remember their year together. :)

Hearts by sexycazzy

Shooting Hoops by sexycazzy
SERIES: Coming Out series
SUMMARY: Mac gives Danny his permission so that Danny can tell Don, his best friend, about them.

After the Game by sexycazzy
SERIES: Coming Out series -Shooting Hoops
SUMMARY: Stella and Don talk, Danny explains all to Mac.

Mac's Turn To Tell... by sexycazzy
SERIES: Coming Out series -Shooting Hoops, After the Game
SUMMARY: Stella asks Mac what's going on between Danny and Don.

Stella's Theory by sexycazzy
PAIRING: Mac/Danny
SERIES: Coming Out series -Shooting Hoops, After the Game, Mac's Turn To Tell...
SUMMARY: Mac tells Danny Stella's theory on why Don reacted like he did, when Danny came out to him.

On the Roof by sexycazzy
SERIES: Coming Out series - Shooting Hoops, After the Game, Mac's Turn To Tell..., Stella's Theory
SUMMARY: Mac and Stella hatch a plan to get Don and Danny together to talk.

First Raindrop by sexycazzy
SUMMARY: Drabble. Waiting in the rain.

Tell Mac by sexycazzy
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: Drabble. Last words.

Can't Sleep by sexycazzy
SUMMARY: Sex is a cure for insomnia.

Guitar by sexycazzy
SUMMARY: Drabble. Music, sex and booze.

Morning After by sexycazzy
SUMMARY: Drabble. The morning after.

Protective by sexycazzy
SUMMARY: Three Sentences challenge, based upon CSI:NY, Mac/Danny, protective.

Space Monkey aka Eri
Loved Twice by Space Monkey aka Eri
PAIRING: Danny/Mac & Danny/Sonny Sassone
SUMMARY: Danny is in an accident, when he awakes Mac finds he has lost all memories of the lab and him.

Stacy L.A. Stronach
Tangled by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: Pre-slash Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: A back story for Danny.

Another Chance by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Can Danny and Mac salvage their relationship?

Holiday Cheer by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Danny and Mac make up. Danny deals with a drunk Mac.

First by Stacy L.A. Stronach
SUMMARY: Written for the first kiss meme for animaginarymind who requested Mac/Danny.

Good Riddance ( bad rubbish) by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Gi/Di (NCIS)
SUMMARY: AU. This was inspired by a discussion on the NCISslash2 list about getting rid of the new NCIS director, Jen Shepherd--so this is for Turtle who suggested the toxic waste dump and for Barb who said that Tony was Italian and would know people who know people. As for CSI:NY coming into it. Well, Danny just might fit that description.

Gas Food Lodging by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: A good beer-buzz early in the morning: Stella and Danny and the interstate. Spoilers for "Tanglewood".

So Many Storms Not Right Somehow by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: People come and go in the fog.

Dreams Like Coins into the Water by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: After it's all over, Danny has some questions. Post-ep for "The Thing About Heroes...".

Madness by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Danny has a talk with Mac. Post-ep for "Happily Never After".

Learning to Let Go by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Mac is trying to let go of the past. Post-ep for "The Thing About Heroes...".

Advent Calendar (December 24): Midnight Mass by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: It's a Christmas Eve tradition.

Advent Calendar (December 21): Five People Who Might Have Played Secret Santa [1/5] by stellaluna_
SERIES: 1) Advent Calendar (December 11): Secret Santa
SUMMARY: Who played Secret Santa for Mac? This is the first of five possibilities. Very mild, vague spoilers for "The Thing About Heroes...".

Advent Calendar (December 19): At the Tree Lot by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: It's another one of those conversations.

Advent Calendar (December 17): Five People Mac Might Have Kissed Under the Mistletoe by stellaluna_
PAIRING: Hawkes/Mac & Stella/Mac & Danny/Mac & Mac/Peyton & Mac/Abernathy
SUMMARY: These kisses happened, even if they didn't.

Advent Calendar (December 13): Blizzard Games by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: It's the first heavy snow of the year.

Advent Calendar (December 9): After the Party by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Danny is drunk. Mac wants things.

Advent Calendar (December 5): First Snow by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Getting out of bed on a cold morning can be hell.

Advent Calendar (December 1): Coffee Break by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: The good memories are there, just a little hard to find sometimes.

Devils & Dust by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: These are the things we do to survive.

F is for Forever by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Danny confides in Mac.

B is for Behind by stellaluna_
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Mac/Peyton

G is for Glasses by stellaluna_

E is for Evolution by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Change isn't always that easy.

Z is for Zip by stellaluna_
PAIRING: past Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: Mac and Danny deal with breaking up.

E is for Eisblumen by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Mac and Danny spend a snowy evening together.

P is for Phobia by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: "What scares you?"

Night Shift by stellaluna_
WARNINGS: voyeurism
SUMMARY: Moments of grace arrive unexpectedly. Set post-S2 and prior to S3; implicit spoilers for the former.

Under a Green Sky by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Mac feels like he's been holding his breath all summer.

H is for Hot by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: It's a hot summer night and the air conditioner is broken.

O is for Overboard by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Danny tries to forget.

Q is for Queenly by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Danny can't help thinking, even though he knows it's superstitious and stupid and unscientific, that the whole thing is, in some obscure fashion, all his fault.

V is for Velocity by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: There's a look Mac gets in his eyes some nights when they're out drinking, a wild look.

Y is for Yesterday by stellaluna_
PAIRING: past Mac/Danny
SUMMARY: Yesterday, Danny told him it was over.

A Man in Crisis by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: It's time for a little truth-telling. Danny/Mac. Set approximately two years in the future, with spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep".

A Novena to St. Jude by stellaluna_
SERIES: 1) A Man in Crisis
SUMMARY: Danny knows there are no answers, but he can't stop himself from asking the question. Danny/Mac. Set approximately two years in the future, with spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep".

Two O'Clock on a Tuesday Night by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: There are no adequate words at times like these. Danny/Mac. Set approximately two years in the future, with spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep".

Precision by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: A conversation about respect.

Naming the Bones by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Trying to fix what's broken. Post-ep for "Snow Day".

Heading to Blackout by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: It's hard living with the law.

Find My Way Out of Your Hunting Ground by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: And you said and you did and you said you would find me. Post-ep for "Cold Reveal".

Here's the Water, Just Ankle-Deep High by stellaluna_
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Danny/Claire
SUMMARY: Lay back, get waterlogged, give us a kiss.

They Say a Stone Is a Marker by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: He knows that he forgot.

Five Ways Stella Found Out About Mac & Danny by stellaluna_

Badlands by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Ten moments in two lives. Danny/Mac. Section headings and inspiration taken from Bruce Springsteen's album Nebraska.

Short Fic Request by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Written for karaokegal.

My Last Cigarette by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Some habits are impossible to break. Vague spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep".

Not Even Eternity Can Hold Houdini! by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Ladies and gentlemen, nothing up my sleeve. Set approximately one year in the future; spoilers for "Sleight Out of Hand".

The Spaces Between by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: There's no map for the spaces between two people. Set vaguely post-S2, but no spoilers.

The Coastal Shelf by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Everyone is running from something, and Danny knows it.

Art Lessons by stellaluna_
SERIES: 1) The Coastal Shelf
SUMMARY: Maybe Danny isn't the only one who's curious about things.

Maintaining Equilibrium by stellaluna_
SERIES: 1) The Coastal Shelf, 2) Art Lessons
SUMMARY: There's no caution in baseball.

Cherries in Bloom by stellaluna_
SERIES: 1) The Coastal Shelf, 2) Art Lessons, 3) Maintaining Equilibrium
SUMMARY: Intent is as important as execution.

All My Little Words by stellaluna_
SERIES: 1) The Coastal Shelf, 2) Art Lessons, 3) Maintaining Equilibrium, 4) Cherries in Bloom
SUMMARY: Danny's not sure how to find the right words.

Momentum by stellaluna_
SUMMARY: Condemning the future to death so it can match the past.

Tiffany F
Silken Demands by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Mac's back in town minus his luggage. So he buys a new shirt and doesn't consider what effect it will have on his lover.

Isn't That Mine? by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: **SPOILERS** Season 5 episode Help. Mac gets a surprise when Danny shows up at the lab. Work/lab smut ensues. PWP.

Bound by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Danny/Mac, pre-slash Danny/Horatio
WARNINGS: Abuse, Angst, AU, Character Death, Dark Themes, Drama, Non-con, OOC
SUMMARY: Horatio goes to New York chasing a criminal. But everything is put on hold when he meets a young CSI that needs his help.

Names, Names by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Mac goes to Danny's after a really bad day at work only to find that his lover has a new room mate. And then Lindsay shows up and things get complicated.

Phobic by Tiffany F
SERIES: Names, Names
SUMMARY: Number 2 in Sassy's universe. Mac and Danny let Don find out about their relationship. It doesn't go quite the way they were expecting it to.

Dating Game by Tiffany F
SERIES: Names, Names, Phobic
SUMMARY: Third in the Sassy universe. Mac has to go to a political dinner so Adam takes the chance to come over and ask Danny for some advice.

Falling Down by Tiffany F
SERIES: Names, Names, Phobic, Dating Game
SUMMARY: Fourth in the Sassy series. Things get worse between Danny and Flack. Mac decides that he needs to take matters into his own hands.

Decision by Tiffany F
Pairing: Mac/Danny
SERIES: 1) Names, Names, 2) Phobic, 3) Dating Game, 4) Falling Down
SUMMARY: Part 5 of the Sassy series. Danny is healing and asks his lover for a favor. Sassy is as underfoot as ever, at least until water is involved.

From out of the blue by Tiffany F
Pairing: Mac/Danny
SERIES: 1) Names, Names, 2) Phobic, 3) Dating Game, 4) Falling Down, 5) Decision
SUMMARY: Mac has a conversation at work he wasn't expecting to have and comes home to tell his lover about it.

Home by Tiffany F
Pairing: Mac/Danny
SERIES: 1) Names, Names, 2) Phobic, 3) Dating Game, 4) Falling Down, 5) Decision, 6) From out of the blue
SUMMARY: Danny is back in the lab after his injuries and is realizing that his family is more supportive than he ever realized.

Explosive Reasoning by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Danny get a threatening phone call in the middle of the night and ignores every warning given to him. He and Mac are caught in an explosion.

Sex 4 Dummies by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Mac has a test to do in the lab and Danny wanders into it. Then they "talk" about it when they get home.

Home by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Danny/Mac
SUMMARY: Danny is back in the lab after his injuries and is realizing that his family is more supportive than he ever realized.

Unstoppable by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Gil/Nick, Mac/Danny & Speed/Horatio
SUMMARY: When two ancient vampires arrive in Miami to try and fulfill a long-held goal of their bloodline, nothing will ever be the same again.

Variations on a Song by Valerie
PAIRING: Mac/Danny & Don/Charlie (Numb3rs) & Gil/Nick
WARNINGS: Adult Situations, Angst, Character Death, Hurt/Comfort, m/m, suicide/mention of
SUMMARY: Challenge Fic: Three ficlets on the song 'Precious' from Depeche Mode. Each ficlet is its own story... Fandoms are: CSI NY, CSI and Numb3rs.

Five Years Ago by Valerie
SUMMARY: It's been five years.

Looking in a Mirror by Valerie
PAIRING: Danny/Mac, Nick/Don, Tony/Gibbs
NOTE: Sequal to Behind the Mask
SUMMARY: When Mac's team finds a dead Navy soldier, they know that they will have to share this case with the NCIS team.Called to New York to investigate the murder of a soldier, Gibbs and his team soon realize that working with Mac and his CSIs will be a different experience. But they have no idea that this case will change their lives.

Random Acts of Love by Valerie
PAIRING: Danny/Mac, Nick/Don, Tony/Gibbs
NOTE: Sequal to Behind the Mask and Looking in a Mirror
SUMMARY: Just when Mac thought that for once everything was peaceful, he gets a call from Washington. Tony has been accused of murder, but will Stella and Sheldon be able to help him? Back in New York, Nick and Don find out that they cannot run away from their past and Danny realizes that neither can he.

Merry Chirstmas by Valerie
PAIRING: Nick/Don, Mac/Danny, Tony/Gibbs
NOTE: Sequal to Behind the Mask, Looking in a Mirror and Random Acts of Love
SUMMARY: Christmas is a time of peace and love. It's a time for family and friends, a time for harmony and happiness. Three couples celebrate Christmas 2006, three different experiences, six different men and one thing they all have in common. Love.

Road Trip by Valerie
PAIRING: Nick/Don, Mac/Danny, Tony/Gibbs, Warrick/Delinda
NOTE: Sequal to Behind the Mask, Looking in a Mirror, Random Acts of Love and Merry Chirstmas
SUMMARY: The boys get together for a road trip to Las Vegas, but how will Nick's old team react to Don? And how will Nick feel when he meets Eric?