Horatio/Speed Stories

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His Devil by Aiden
SUMMARY: Horatio slept with the devil instead.

Beyond The Pain by Aiden
SUMMARY: This is AU H is still with CSI but Speed is blind due to congenital glaucoma and owns several nightclubs in Miami.

He's Mine by Aiden
SUMMARY: You know how Horatio always gives his card to the victims and tell them to call him if they need help.What if someone takes it very serious and starts stalking Horatio?

Echoing Enigma by alucardskitten
SUMMARY: Angst fest. Tim loves Eric and Eric doesn't love him. It's Horatio to the rescue... sort of.

Starlight Dreamer by alucardskitten
WARNINGS: character death
NOTE: Very strange denial fic.
SUMMARY: Horatio never took too much stock in children's stories... but his wish comes true...

Closed for Business by amejisuto
WARNING: non-Speed death fic
SUMMARY: Horatio put on his sunglasses and slowly turned around in a circle, taking one final look at the water and the city he'd loved. "It looks like Miami is finally closed for business."

A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste by amejisuto
WARNING: death fic
SUMMARY: What if Horatio would have found the right words to give Speed the strength to stay alive after being shot? What if he didn't? A look at the If Onlys.

Ring Tone by amejisuto
SUMMARY: Speed sneaks and changes Horatio's ring tone.

The Friday Night Drive by amejisuto
SUMMARY: Two men and a motorcycle.

Bev *too*
Riding by Bev *too*
SUMMARY: written for the Day Theme at cochranefanatic. For Speed's birthday. *hugs Speed* Happy Birthday, honey.

After the Storm by Bev *too*
SUMMARY: Horatio has a hard time after the events in "Bloodbrothers". Speed looks out for him, and helps him to find some kind of peace.

T'was the Night Before Christmas by Bev *too*
SUMMARY: Two days until Christmas, and Speed was alone. Wasn't he?

Bj Jones
Escort Service by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Tim makes a phone call and gets the wrong number.

The Phone Call by Bj Jones
NOTE: sequal to Escort Service
SUMMARY: Horatio gets a wrong number.

The Meeting by Bj Jones
NOTE: sequal to Escort Service & The Phone Call
SUMMARY: The two meet.

Dinner by Bj Jones
NOTE: sequal to Escort Service, The Phone Call & The Meeting
SUMMARY: Dinner and conversation.

Dessert by Bj Jones
NOTE: sequal to Escort Service, The Phone Call, The Meeting & Dinner
SUMMARY: The two explore each other.

Morning After by Bj Jones
NOTE: sequal to Escort Service, The Phone Call, The Meeting, Dinner & Dessert
SUMMARY: The morning brings new information to light.

Calling Back by Bj Jones
NOTE: sequal to Escort Service, The Phone Call, The Meeting, Dinner, Dessert & Morning After
SUMMARY: Tim makes a phone call and gets the wrong number.

Smut E-cards: Birthday Card by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Simple smut scenes.

Smut E-cards - Meadow by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Simple smut scenes.

Smut E-cards - Beach by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Simple smut scenes.

How to Deal with Unruly Subordinates Who Happen to Be Your Lover by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Gil/Nick, Danny/Mac, Hortaio/Speed
SUMMARY: Four supervisors get together and discuss their lovers.

How to Handle Stubborn Supervisors Who Happen to Be Your Lover by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Gil/Nick, Danny/Mac, Hortaio/Speed
NOTE: sequal to How to Deal with Unruly Subordinates Who Happen to Be Your Lover
SUMMARY: Four CSI's get together and talk about their lovers over protectiveness.

The Stray by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Speed brings a stray home.

Taking Control by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Danny/Mac & Speed/Horatio
SUMMARY: Speed and Horatio take a vacation up to New York.

Losing Control by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Danny/Mac & Speed/Horatio
NOTE: sequal to Taking Control
SUMMARY: Mac and Danny take a vacation down to Miami.

A Son Discovered by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio was shocked - Speed had a son?

A True Love Story by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: It was nothing like the movie.

Abandoned and Reborn by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Speed and Fire were internationally famous, more like infamous. They were known for the unique and cunning approach to taking out their targets. But how did two CSI's end up International Assassins?

Alternate Paths by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Long flight + Little Sleep = This Storyline, was one of my first AU series.

Crossroads by Bj Jones
SERIES: Alternate Paths
SUMMARY: Two meet at a crossroad.

Paths Merge by Bj Jones
SERIES: Alternate Paths, Crossroads
SUMMARY: Two paths merge together.

One Way Street by Bj Jones
SERIES: Alternate Paths, Crossroads, Paths Merge
SUMMARY: Two people travel down a one way street.

The Ducati by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio admires the man and the bike.

Fix Yourself by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: He was tired of fixing it.

Appetizer by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio wanted a taste before dinner.

Welcome to Miami - Now Go Home by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Speed/Horatio, Tony/?
NOTE: This is a sequel to Surprise Birthday.
SUMMARY: Six months later - Tony's past shows up.

Lost Angel by Bj Jones
AUTHOR'S NOTE: *hands out tissues* - don't worry no main character dies
SUMMARY: Angel lost to those on earth.

Have a Beer For Me by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: He just wasn't ready.

Sexy Little Thing by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: What Horatio wants Horatio gets.

A Stolen Dance by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio takes Speed dancing.

Knockin on Heaven's Door by Bj Jones
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: Speed watches as his life fades away.

Never Saw Blue by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: He had never seen blue like that before.

Tales by a Grave by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio talks to Speed.

Silent Witness by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio questioned the witness, Captain Timothy Speedle.

Silent Hunter by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Sam/Dean (Supernatural), Horatio/Speed
WARNINGS: incest
SERIES: Silent Witness
SUMMARY: The demon takes Dean's hearing - will he continue to hunt?

Silent Healing by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Sam/Dean (Supernatural), Horatio/Speed
WARNINGS: incest
SERIES: Silent Witness, Silent Hunter
SUMMARY: After the demon destroys Dean’s hearing – he’s sent to rehab to relearn how to live in a world of silence.

Happy Birthday by Bj Jones

First Chirstmas by Bj Jones

Family Dinner by Bj Jones

In Tune With Nature by Bj Jones

A Year Worth of Chamagine Kisses by Bj Jones

Kitten? by Bj Jones

Sexed up... by Bj Jones

Beautiful by Bj Jones

Dear Diary by Bj Jones

Home by Bj Jones

The Bastard by Bj Jones

The Bitch by Bj Jones

Settling It by Bj Jones

A Missing Piece by Bj Jones

Decisions by Bj Jones

Match by Bj Jones

Lost by Bj Jones

Found by Bj Jones

Time Will Heal All Wounds by Bj Jones

They Must Be Blind by Bj Jones

Tuning Out by Bj Jones

It Wasn't Fair by Bj Jones

It Really Wasn't Fair by Bj Jones
WARNINGS: suicide
SERIES: It Wasn't Fair

Past Catching Up by Bj Jones

A New Man by Bj Jones

Facing The Past by Bj Jones

A Light Was Still On by Bj Jones

A Dark Room by Bj Jones

Breaking It by Bj Jones

Fixing It by Bj Jones
SERIES: Breaking It

Walking in the Rain by Bj Jones

What is it? by Bj Jones

Flashes by Bj Jones

Roar of Thunder by Bj Jones

Hurricane Season by Bj Jones

It's Not That Cold by Bj Jones

Spring Break by Bj Jones

Humidity by Bj Jones

Red Leaves by Bj Jones

Biding His Time by Bj Jones

Most Important Meal of the Day by Bj Jones

Lunch Time by Bj Jones

Home Made Meal by Bj Jones

Dessert by Bj Jones

A Love Lost by Bj Jones

Cleansing by Bj Jones

Fire Alarm by Bj Jones

New Grave by Bj Jones

Ride by Bj Jones

Time to Go by Bj Jones

High Stakes Poker by Bj Jones

Thief by Bj Jones

Hope Diamond by Bj Jones

He Was Not by Bj Jones

The Book by Bj Jones

It's Just A Box by Bj Jones

No Regrets by Bj Jones

Ceremony by Bj Jones

Books, Books and More Books by Bj Jones

1+1=3 by Bj Jones

Dirty Secrets by Bj Jones

Unique Smell by Bj Jones

Click by Bj Jones

Categorization by Bj Jones

Coffee by Bj Jones

Worn Down by Bj Jones

Pain by Bj Jones

Justice by Bj Jones

Pesky Sunbeams by Bj Jones

Simple Pleasures by Bj Jones

The Team by Bj Jones

Nurture, Love and Care by Bj Jones

Illness by Bj Jones

His Son by Bj Jones

Life and Death by Bj Jones

Support by Bj Jones

Mortal Enemies by Bj Jones

Romantic by Bj Jones

Pillar of Strength by Bj Jones

For Them by Bj Jones

His Favourite Shirt by Bj Jones

A Smile by Bj Jones

This Means War by Bj Jones

Not a Word! by Bj Jones

Grateful by Bj Jones

It Was Definitely Red by Bj Jones

Going Grey by Bj Jones

His Favourite Outfit by Bj Jones

He's Purring by Bj Jones

Never Saw Blue Like That Before by Bj Jones

First Date by Bj Jones

Three Days by Bj Jones

Fighting by Bj Jones

The Commitment by Bj Jones

Even in Death by Bj Jones

His First Case by Bj Jones

His Last Case by Bj Jones

At the Beginning by Bj Jones

Contentment by Bj Jones

The End by Bj Jones

Hi by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio says Hello to his lover.

Old City Bar by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: In an old city bar...

To Be Owned by Bj Jones
WARNINGS: serious AU
SUMMARY: The Caine Brothers have been running the drug traffic in Miami for decades; Lieutenant Speedle wants put them out of business. Horatio Caine wants Speedle – to own him.

Life as a Michael Bay Film by Bj Jones
PAIRING: pre-slash Horatio/Speed
SUMMARY: "When did our lives end up a bad Comic book?"

Angel Wings by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: AU - The same wings that protected him had now embraced him.

Addiction by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio deals with an addiction.

A Son Taken by Bj Jones
WARNINGS: This story deals with violence and rape – please be warned a head of time that the subject matter can be sensitive and not for everyone.
SUMMARY: How far would someone go to get what they want?

A Difference by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: He made a difference - Fix it for 'Three-way'.

A Moment In Time by Bj Jones
PAIRING: Speed/Hortaio & Danny/Mac
SUMMARY: Mac gets a phone call.

Being There by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: His death almost did him in.

Blue Eyes by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: "At least let me see your eyes before I go."

Claiming by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: He was being hunted and claimed.

Clean Up Man by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: It's been two years since that day - The unexpected happens.

Color Blind by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: CSI Speedle’s world is bland and colorless – tell an artist opened his eyes.

Dinner With Mom by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Speed introduces his new boyfriend to Alexx.

Discoveries by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: The team makes a discovery.

Distraction by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: He was easily distracted.

Interrogation by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio teases Speed all day – Speed in revenge interrogates him.

Kiss the Cook by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Speed invites Horatio over for dinner.

Last Breath by Bj Jones
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: For 100 Slash Fic Challenge - Prompt #5 - Last.

Meet the Speedles by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio spends Christmas with Speed's family.

Miami's Protector by Bj Jones
NOTE: CSI:M & Sentinel crossover
SUMMARY: Horatio protects his city - but can he do it without his guide? AU Fic: # 35 - Sixth Sense.

Panther by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Panther can make the manliest gay men squeal like a drag queen.

Regrets by Bj Jones
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: Fixing one’s regrets.

Shower by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio hears someone in the showers.

Ten Minutes by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: “Please, all I needs is ten minutes.”

Mine by Bj Jones
SERIES: Twilight Zone Series
SUMMARY: How far would someone go to protect someone.

Yours by Bj Jones
SERIES: Twilight Zone Series - Mine
SUMMARY: How far would someone go to protect someone.

Ours by Bj Jones
SERIES: Twilight Zone Series - Mine & Yours
SUMMARY: How far would someone go to protect someone.

Visiting Hours by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: After a tough case Horatio makes a stop to visit.

Wake Up Call by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio gets a wake up call.

Jornal Entry - Horation Caine by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: Horatio's thoughts as he heads to New York.

Run Away by Bj Jones
SUMMARY: AU. Speed is haunted by dark thoughts.

I Walk the Line by Bj Jones
SERIES: 1) Run Away
SUMMARY: AU. Speed face's his past.

Bob J Montonelli
Different by Bob J Montonelli
SUMMARY: Speed thinks this relationship will be different than the others. A fic beginning at the morning after. Switches POV each chapter, beginning with Speed's POV and then H's, etc.

If Only Tears Could Bring You Back To Me by Bobbie
WARNINGS: Angst, Suicide, Main Character Death,Violence.

Reflections Of The Past by Bobbie
PAIRING: Speedle/Caine & Gil/Nick & Jack/Martin
NOTE: CSI:Miami/CSI/Without A Trace x-over

The Pain Within by Bobbie
PAIRING: Horatio/Eric & Horatio/Speed
WARNINGS: Angst, Language, Violence, mentions of both Rape and Child abuse, un beta'd, Domestic abuse.
SUMMARY: Can Speedle help Horatio escape from an abusive relationship?

Unknown Lover by Bobbie
PAIRING: Horatio/Eric & Horatio/Speed
WARNINGS: Angst,Swearing, Mentions of rape, Memories of child abuse, Non-con, Violence, Some domestic abuse.
SUMMARY: "How could this have happened?"

Carina Scott
Love Makes a Family by Carina Scott
SUMMARY: Tim makes a selfless sacrifice in Horatio's best interest.

Caroline Crane
Speed/Horatio Crackfic by Caroline Crane

Anodyne by cassie_jamie
WARNING: Rapefic

Birthday Blues by cassie_jamie
SUMMARY: Maybe birthdays weren't so bad after all.

Bitter Syndrome by cassie_jamie
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: It's bitter syndrome, learning to lose the ones you love.

One Chance by cassie_jamie
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: They’d talked once. She’d taken her chance. He never took his.

Tease by cassie_jamie
SUMMARY: A sting at the movies gets a bit involved.

Worry by cassie_jamie
SUMMARY: Speed knew Horatio was going to hover.

Bitter by cassie_jamie
SUMMARY: He wants oblivion.

Nothing Else Matters by Celebcristien
WARNINGS: songfic. Unfortunately this time Speed stays dead.
SUMMARY: Please, love. Let me go. I love you and nothing else matters.

At the End of Twilight by Cinmbria
SUMMARY: What happens when Caine asks for more than his lover can give?

A Sweet Before Sleep by Cinmbria
SUMMARY: Oh, just a little PWP. Speedle is wearing leather pants.

Not Your Ordinary... by Cinmbria
SUMMARY: Just some nice hot monkey loving.

It's Just Another New Year's Fic by CPWatcher
PAIRING: CSI: Las Veags - Gil/Warrick & Gil/Sara, CSI: Miami - Tim/Horatio & Horatio/Ylena, CSI: New York - Danny/Mac & Mac/Peyton
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNINGS: Every couple of years I write a New Years' fic which I try to make as fandom non-specific as I can. Sort of an `insert your favorite pairing/character name here' piece. I've tried it again this year only with a longer piece with the fandom and pairings listed in the notes in the fic. Personally I think it works well in many of them, but might be a bit of a stretch in one or two, you be the judge. Hopefully, you'll suspend your imagination enough to enjoy the tale.
SUMMARY: The year in a life.

Love You into the New Year, A Multi-fandom (kinda) story by CPWatcher
PAIRING: CSI-Gil Grissom/Warrick Brown; CSI:NY-Mac Taylor/Danny Messer; CSI:MI-Horatio Caine/Tim 'Speed' Speedle; NCIS-Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo; Numb3rs-Don Eppes/Charlie Eppes
AUTHOR'S NOTE/WARNINGS: I wanted to write a little something in all my fandoms but RL would only allow me to write one story. So I present for your perusal this mutli-fandom piece of PWP. Insert the appropriate pairing from above. Hell, put in your own pairing. Kick back and enjoy. Incest, if you read using the Numb3rs pairing.
SUMMARY: A multi fandom holiday fic.

Horatio Caine, Time Speedle, and Guacamole? by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: this was inspired by the word/phrase/location? List on the sexy old men slash group on yahoo.

Adventure's From Spencer's by Daisyangel
SUMMARY: Who says that coupons can't be redeemed for sex?

Fallon Ash
Full Circle by Fallon Ash
WARNING: Impending Character Death
SUMMARY: He sucks harder at the mouthpiece of his oxygen tube and misses the smell of the ocean.

Immortal Aussie
Speed by Immortal Aussie
WARNINGS: drug use, sex- m/m implied f/f swearing, excessive alcohol intake
SUMMARY: The effects of Speed.

Looking For Evidence by Immortal Aussie
SUMMARY: PWP. Speed looks for evidence to examine.

'Till Our Dying Day by Immortal Aussie
WARNINGS: songfic, character death
SUMMARY: A tale of two lovers bonded forever. An important family member introduced and a show of unwavering strength in a time of sorrow?

Just Thought I'd Watch by Jilly
SUMMARY: H watches Tim in the lab.

Julian Lee
Gifts and the Office by Julian Lee
SUMMARY: "Do you think that's appropriate?"

A Weakness For Dark Eyes by karen/s
SUMMARY: Horatio finds a new love.

Purple by Khylara

Solace by Khylara
SUMMARY: Speed tried to give Horatio what comfort he can after Chaz's arrest.

Something Sweet by Khylara
SUMMARY: An unexpected gift at the end of a long day.

Watching by Khylara
SUMMARY: Speed's reflections on being watched.

In the Hummer by Khylara

Kuroi Neko-kun
My Own by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Horatio reveals to Speed his own...

Cuffed by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Never show magic tricks to your boss unless you have a spare key.

Not Expecting by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: Speed knew he was being watched, he just was not expecting on who it was.

A Song Unlikely by Kuroi Neko-kun
SUMMARY: H catches Speed listening to a song that he doesn't usually listen to.

He Remembered by Kuroi Neko-kun
PAIRING: implied Horatio/Speed
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: H recollects his memories of Tim...

Where you end by Ldinka
SUMMARY: Little songfic.

Not Afraid To Die by Ldinka
WARNINGS: suicide, songfic
SUMMARY: Short story. The song by Pain "Not Afraid To Die".

Airconditioners by Ldinka
SUMMARY: Short and funny.

Amber by Ldinka
SUMMARY: Short one.

I know you by Ldinka
SUMMARY: Everybody needs a family Fighting, drinking, hurting.

In the Rain by Ldinka
PAIRING: past Horatio/Speed
SUMMARY: You outgrew our love, I didnít. But I donít want to show that.

Postmark by Ldinka
PAIRING: past Horatio/Speed
WARNING: songfic
SUMMARY: A moment of darkness.

Lil Jei
Shoulda, woulda, coulda by Lil Jei
PAIRING: Horatio/Speed Implied
SUMMARY: Yea it's a way depressing fic outcome. Who would dare abuse H??? And why would he stay?.......

Still Feel You Here by Lil Jei
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.

Monkey Dom
When You Say You Love Me by Monkey Dom
WARNING: songfic
SUMMARY: Timothy Speedle is falling for his boss.

Dimming of the Day by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Horatio watches the sun go down.

Boo by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Speed buys a puppy.

Fast Times at the Miami Dade Courthouse by Monkey Dom
SUMMARY: Waiting to testify takes it toll.

He Was Fine by Monkey Dom
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: He was Fine, Dammit.

The Story Where Speed Helps Horatio by Mystic
SUMMARY: Horatio has a problem. Speed is going to help him out.

The Letter by Paige
WARNINGS: character death
SUMMARY: When Ryan is injured on the job, Horatio finds a letter from Speed, addressed to him, in Ryan's locker.

Perpetual Motion
Rainy Miami by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Speedle's all wet.

For a Loop by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Speed's in a suit. (Enjoy the mental image.)

The All-Important Missing Scene by Perpetual Motion
SUMMARY: Slashy scene cut from "Tinder Box".

Falling For The First Time by pixel
SUMMARY: Horatio decides that what Speed really needs is a keeper, and he's just the man for the job.

What's left of Me by PsychoticScam
WARNINGS: character death, songfic
SUMMARY: Horatio looks back.

Ghosts in the Wind by Sam
SUMMARY: After a bad case, Horatio needs to forget, so Speed takes him for a ride.

Sundown by Sam
SUMMARY: After saving Otis from himself, Horatio heads down to the ocean. Speed follows. Episode related.

Sunup by Sam
SERIES: 1) Sundown
SUMMARY: The morning after Sundown. This follows my own Sundown and Beverly's Chicken For Breakfast. The boys actually get to eat this time.

Safe Space by Sam
PAIRING: Horatio/Speed, Horatio/Riddick/Speed & implied Horatio/Riddick/Speed/Eric
WARNING: Hints of bdsm.
SUMMARY: New to Miami, Speed gets into a bit of trouble. Good thing Horatio is there to get him out of it.

Space to Fall by Sam
PAIRING: Horatio/Speed, Horatio/Riddick/Speed & implied Horatio/Riddick/Speed/Eric
WARNING: AU, slut!Horatio, slash, slave!fic
SUMMARY: Horatio needs to lose control and he knows just how to do it.

Sandra Solaria Dees
Lilies by Sandra Solaria Dees
SUMMARY: Tim Speedle loved lilies.

Static by Sandra Solaria Dees
SUMMARY: Sequel to Lilies.

The Plan by sexycazzy
PAIRING: Horatio/Speed, Mac/Tony (NCIS)
WARNINGS: BDSM, D/s, submission
SUMMARY: Mac attends a collaring ceremony and meets Tony DiNozzo.

Hurry by Sonia

Bands of Steel by Sonia
SUMMARY: Speedle can't sleep after the events of "Dispo Day."

When You Come Back To Me Again by Tayla
WARNING: Temporary character death
SUMMARY: A voice from the past changes Horatio's future.

Roses are Red, Horatio is Blue by Tayla
WARNING: This is a "Speed is Dead" fic, so it's sad and angsty.
SUMMARY: Horatio buys roses.

Tiffany F
H On The Beach by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: A tough case takes Horatio to the beach to think. Speed follows and smut ensues. It's overdone, yes, but it's a hot idea.

Lab Coats by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Horatio comes home to find a package on the bed along with a note. Inside is his lab coat. PWP. Kink. Smut. That's pretty much it.

Lab Thoughts by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Horatio wears a new shirt to work and makes it hard for Speed to focus. Speed's POV.

Solitary Tear by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Set prior to the season 1 pilot episode "Cross Jurisdictions". When Horatio receives a phone call that sends him on a wild-goose chase his world is turned upside down and he starts to question himself and his place on the team. Can a certain CSI ground him again?

Union by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Horatio/Speed & Speed/Greg & Horatio/Speed/Greg
SUMMARY: There's a conference in Nashville. Horatio and Speed attend and Horatio gets a surprise that shoots all his plans of a seduction out of the water. PWP.

The Protector by Tiffany F
SUMMARY: Horatio isn't totally human. No one else knows this. Not until he takes Speed to his bed. So what is going on?

Hard Evidence by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Horatio/Speed
SUMMARY: Horatio isn't totally human. No one else knows this. Not until he takes Speed to his bed. So what is going on?

High Stakes by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Horatio/House, House/Chase & Horatio/Speed
FANDOMS: CSI: Miami/House
WARNING: character death
SUMMARY: Dr. Gregory House takes a chance and tells Wilson something personal. When things don't go as he planned, he has to vanish. A phone call to an old lover takes care of that.

Outside Influences II by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Gil/Nick & Speed/Horatio
SERIES: 1) Outside Influences, 2) Outside Influences I
SUMMARY: Tiffany and Lexxie are back and our boys get to take a road trip.

Unstoppable by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Gil/Nick, Mac/Danny & Speed/Horatio
SUMMARY: When two ancient vampires arrive in Miami to try and fulfill a long-held goal of their bloodline, nothing will ever be the same again.

Bottom of the Glass by trek
SUMMARY: Emotional turmoil for Horatio, Speed tries to help.

As The Sun Sets by -x-BlackFaith-x-
SUMMARY: Speed reflects as the sun sets...

Count The Seconds by -x-BlackFaith-x-
SUMMARY: The song is by a British singer called Amy Studt and it's called Seconds Away. I heard this and the scene just popped into my head...